Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bike Hide

One of the more enjoyable parts of the Carnival, other than that feeling of having experienced good living on the following Sunday (which can be dispelled quickly with a couple of Junior Disprin and a half-litre of vodka), is the Bike Ride.

Not to be outdone, we at the Alternative Carnival offer our annual Bike Hide. Yes, it's arrogant, but the object of the exercise is to 'hide' a bike in plain view of the whole of Wells and not have it noticed for a period of at least a week. I've Spotted A Bike! entry forms are available to help us whittle out the losers, so anyone can join in the fun, even if they've no bike or a sad lack of imagination.

2005's winner was an out-of-towner, Mike Frobisham, who winched this Raleigh Chopper onto St. Nicholas Church's west transept where it remains un-noticed to this day!

An amusing entry from 2003 resulted when an educationally subnormal resident mis-interpreted the event and replaced the Bolt's Close sign outside the Post Office with a large freshwater fish.


Wiggytinkle said...

Having spent many a happy Carnival in Wells I find your website most distasteful.

To suggest that my wife and I and our 14 little tiggywinkles might now have a STD having spent last summer with our legs dangling over the quay wall is just to awful to contemplate and Great Aunt Doris will be mortified to see that you have only just caught her behind. She would have been expecting a full frontal I feel sure.

I see you also have the wrong name for the little lane that runs down the side of the Post Office. Everybody knows it is actually Dolt's Close and is named after some lovely people who live that way.

I really do think if you cannot think of something better to do with your time you could at least do something useful like create an information site similar to Ask Jeeves but with some local knowhow included.

Minge said...

Oh dear. Someone seems a little cheesed off. Perhaps they caught an STD?