Friday, February 03, 2006

1973 Carnival Queen Inauguration Update

Many thanks to long time Alternative Carnival supporter Mr Bernard Cringely, who has sought out this amazing photograph of the 1973 Carnival Queen Inauguration from an old Amiga disk.

He writes: "It was with intense pleasure that I came over your description of the joyous carnivals of the glory days of the Empire. It was my grand-daughter, Muriel-May Cringely who was chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice, and thanks to her my son was rendered fertile enough to produce two healthy young boys to replace her. It was a pleasure to recall her memory. Thank you for bringing a tiny thrill back into an old man's life!"

No... thank you, Mr Cringely!


Minge said...

Are live people actually burned?

Wells Alternative Carnival said...

Oh, not another burning... er, bleeding heart liberal. Yes, of course they're live or the Weather Witch wouldn't send the sun and stop Rumbly the Thunder Giant from stamping out big waves.

Don't worry... they don't stay alive for long.

Minge said...

That's a relief. Can one nominate someone for a burning?